Why I want everyone to pack your bags and just leave, at least once.

Do you take yourself for granted? I, for one had gravely underestimated the extent to which I took myself for granted, and I will tell you why. Before I take you any further, I want to share a quote which I was not quite sure what it meant initially but now know each word of... Continue Reading →

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Hampi; a canvas on stones

A souvenir seller's cart A canvas on stone, that is how Hampi expressed itself to me. This ruin of the Vijayanagara empire which was in glory during the 14th century is now a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE. Spread across 4100 hectares, it is situated in the Hospet town of Bellary district in Karnataka, India.  So, we had... Continue Reading →

If forts could talk!

We have always wondered, or rather I have always wondered what my purpose in life is, but I am gonna leave that for another day. Instead, I am going to about forts. I am not sure if you have been crazy enough to think of forts having a purpose. Well, I was, and I kept... Continue Reading →


Every time I sit to write about a trip that I have taken, all I can think of is, what is it that I have to tell that has not been told already? Having debated with my thoughts for a while in figuring out at least one thing that will set me apart, I have... Continue Reading →

A Bir that I Know of

What describes mystery to you? There are mysterious places, mysterious phenomenon, and above all, one that always confuses me, mysterious people. The latter group has so many varieties but it is not about them that I am going to write here. It is about a place. From the very little travel that I have undertaken,... Continue Reading →

The Irresistible Himalayas

I never thought that I would pen down my travel experiences, for blogging never occurred even in my distant dreams. Now that I have a lot of time, I thought why not. A lot of my trip happens at the whim of the moment, but with Himachal, there was proper planning as it lay approximately... Continue Reading →

Master Smith

In this journey called life, we are bound to meet people who become our caretakers, paves the way for us, and supports us until we are ready to walk alone. Today I want to talk about one such person who has been my support system since the day I set forth on the metalsmithing journey.... Continue Reading →

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